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行向世界e台語金頭腦~~ Preface for Daiqi Golden Brain
Michael Liu (劉興祥)

It has been several decades to know my good friends IngZin (永進) and ChunHong (春凰) since we were college students. Both IngZin and ChunHong have been working together from the bottom of their hearts to promote Taiwanese for many years far before Ministry of Education announced the first recommendation set of MinNan dialect in 2007. To overcome lack of standards, they further developed many pronouncing and writing methods. They also gave speech, taught in universities, and published to spread their beliefs. Due to short history of documentation, very few publications discuss advanced skills in Taiwanese. To my surprise, this book (“台語世界級金頭腦”) studies thinking and conceiving systematically. Such a contribution could favor people who use Taiwanese as mother tongue and form their ideas naturally and powerfully.

Thinking is a skill by nature. Kids are guided to think and to learn by asking why with curiosity. From experience, education, and many various resources, we learn to think, to justify, and to make right decision. Thinking can be quite straightforward. In front of delicious desserts, we may enjoy more and gain weight, or may take only little and maintain good body shape. In a hot room of a summer afternoon, we may open windows for little wind without cost, turn on a fan for controllable wind with more cost, or turn on an air conditioner for most comfortable temperature with most expensive cost. On the other hand, we may also escape from the room and enjoy pleasant moods in department stores. We follow social regulations to make daily lives well-organized. In the midnight, facing a red traffic light and with very low traffic, some people run the red light to save several seconds with the risk of getting traffic tickets and possible accidents, and other people wait for the green light to avoid fine and stay safe.

In many situations, it is necessary to justify inputs carefully. At shopping malls, the first priority of salespeople is to sell goods and to drag cash out of shoppers' wallets. The information provided by the salespeople can be biased. When Nuskin advertised that her machine, Pharmanex Biophotonic scanner, has magic capability of measuring health in seconds by scanning a single finger, the claim might not be realistic and was for the purpose to support the sale of nutrition food. Recent big news on U.S. beef imports to Taiwan, both Taiwan and U.S. officials insisted that U.S. bone-in beef, ground beef and offal are all safe by quoting research reports. However, is it acceptable that we have to face any risk with the meat approved by the Department of Health? Does our government have our interest in health, living environment, and food supply chain? Lots of local residents understood the potential high risk and protested nationwidely.

Occasionally, existing backgrounds are not enough to justify the truth. Give two examples. Will using a cell phone near a gas pump cause an explosion? Can paper be folded in half more than seven times? Under well-controlled experiments, Mythbusters, a popular science television program, raised and provided answers to these two and many other interesting myths. From their experiments, we learn that truth can upset intuitive.

People with similar education backgrounds may perform very differently. Thinking, skill, and insistence are all critical. Even a five-star chef can cook nothing in a kitchen without kitchenware, cooking materials, and ingredients. After all necessary tools and materials are prepared, a housewife can start to cook with experiments. With recipes, the process of cooking skills can be greatly improved. Frequent practice is often still required to master and to cook consistent and tasty dishes. We need not only knowledge but also experiments to discover unknown facts. The ideas inspired from knowledge and thinking can be more effective and efficient if we can derive in methodical ways.

This book works like a rich set of kitchenware along with techniques to use. Accumulated knowledge is cooking materials. Many genuine recipes are also provided to explain the usability of these techniques. The most valuables are to create our own recipes from skills and knowledge. With imagination, thinking, experiments, and practice, knowledge along with various techniques can make thinking into precious recipes, excellent innovations, and wonderful ideas. Furthermore, with experiments and insistence, innovations and ideas can really make difference and may even change the world.

President, GNT Corp. (全球聯通科技股份有限公司)
Michael Liu (劉興祥)

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台語演戲心得 朱育萱
阮zit組是演第一e精靈,基本上阮是照著冊頂面e內容改一寡nia nia,無想到veh改變故事e內容。阮gah第二章分作四幕,卡好se處理gah分角。阮排演差不多三遍,但是實際表演e時陣感覺vor出來。演戲真無簡單,因為你愛背台詞、愛有表情e變化、gorh愛有動作,我想我無天份la ! 因為上台我diorh會挫,一緊張dior什麼攏ve記a。iah 有一個問題是我ve曉做動作,m知veh按呢演。


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台語演戲心得 蔡孟錡
一開始,因為阮這組攏無人要站出來開始zit e演戲,所以我gah我e同學兼室友承育diorh開始策劃zit次e演戲,阮e想法是阮兩e人把最困難e工作─編劇,把伊做好,在ga角色分派ho其他e成員,因為攏無人要開始做,只好阮兩人做先鋒。
阮e想法是講ga全部e劇情攏寫好,只寫其中e一部分無夠完整。因此阮為著veh有創意,結合了上課老師講e內容,比如講老師寫e冊─三姐妹看世界,老師ho阮看e影片─水色嘉南,八田與一e故事,gorh加上最近發生e大時事─Tiger Woods真濟e虎女郎,阮經過一暗的討論,總算ga zit e劇本寫好阿,然後再寄信分配角色,找一工出來排演,之後阮diorh上場演了。我感覺zit次e演戲真有趣味,ma感謝阮這組e配合演出,感謝我e同學駱承育gah我ㄧ起打拼寫zit e演出分數ve vai e劇本,ma感謝老師di阮考試壓力真大時出zit e作業ho阮調解壓力,看別組e演出ma感覺ve vai,有一些足好笑e。

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台語情批 邵冠華
Du我頭一gai gah 你講話,我感覺得你是一個真趣味e人。Gah你講話,我感覺真輕鬆, ve ho 人有壓力, hit時陣我diorh知影你diorh是我veh找e hit個人。Dng我ga我e目睭瞌瞌e時陣,我第一個想e人diorh 是你。 我想,我應該是去愛著你a。
Hit時陣 我總是會找一寡藉口, 去你做工作e所在 gah你講話。 你下班e時陣,我假講順路順便載你轉去厝裡,其實我家gahlin兜是無仝爿。Dng你歡喜e時陣,我ma gah你作伙歡喜,mgorh dng你心情無好e時,我會想辦法ho你歡喜,只要你快樂,我diorh快樂。
雖然zit ma我gah你只是普通朋友,mgorh我真正想e是veh做你e查甫朋友,想veh di你e身軀邊照顧你、呵護你,ho你一工到暗攏歡歡喜喜。

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台語情批 洪偉智

這一世人有了你,diorh 算有再大e風雨,再大e失意,我攏veh gah你行過每一個春夏秋冬,我愛你。我自你出生以前就愛上你啊。愛你e感覺,永遠攏是hia nia美;你溫柔e笑面;是我致命e弱點;愛你愛你…m管今生ia是來世,我攏永遠愛你。我有十萬個我愛你,每一工分一個給你,na按呢edang分273年又355工,但是咱攏活veh hia nia 久,所以我後世人、後後世人攏 閣veh繼續講:我愛你!讀你了後ziah讀會美;知你了後ziah知愛。我知美,所以為你沉醉;我知愛,所以千緣難再!你問我,我有外愛你。我無法度回答,因為你愛先ga我講,你e一生有外長,自從你出現了後,我zia知原來有人愛是hia nia 也美好.以前迷惘e心中,是你牽引我行出寂寞, 我愛你e心是ㄧ直到世界末日也ve變. 對你,m管天青天暗月圓月ki,也ve變.知你ezit 幾工裡,是我zit世人上歡喜e時光,你可能無辦法想像,ga你鬥陣ho我每一工攏唱歌,行路像di挑舞,心思攏想著你、念著你。

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演戲心得 張育豪

Veh ga一齣戲排起來,主要edang分做二個部份。想劇本gah排戲。Di咧想劇本e時陣,氣氛是輕鬆e。逐個di一陣胡言亂語了後,總是會得著第一份e劇本。續lorh來,逐個dor愛照這份劇本lorh去認真e排戲。排戲e時,態度愛認真,可輕鬆,但是m通凊采。通常排過第一遍了後,絕對ve親像zit開始想會著e按呢 hiah順利。來dor愛檢討,閣修改一下仔劇本,再來演第二遍了後,就真順利e完成啊!基本上,veh排zit個戲。所需要e是「輕鬆」gah「認真」。輕鬆會激發創意;認真會增加效率。Zit兩項,dor是ga戲排起來e要素。

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